Friday, April 25, 2008

A Dream About My Sister

My friend Juli said that a therapist would have a field day with this, and she's totally right. However, this dream is just too funny, and odd, and SO real to not preserve for posterity.

I'm in a fabric store, looking for fabric to make an apron for my sister. I come across some fabric that would be perfect for her, it's pink and has cupcakes on it. I see that it has her name (Erika) written in really pretty script, and I'm thinking that this fabric must have been destined for her, afterall, her name is on it! Upon closer examination, I see that the fabric is slightly sheer, and I also see what I think are affirmations on it, but are in fact semi-insults. Things like "Erika will put off today what she can do tomorrow." At this point I also realize that I can just tear the fabric, into the desired length and shape, instead of cutting, which I think is really cool, because I'm not very good at cutting fabric. So I decide that I can't use the sheer, insulting fabric for the apron, and I set off to find a heavy twill to use instead, and I'll use the sheer, insulting fabric instead as pockets on her apron. At this point, I wonder if I should have Juli monogram the apron, and Juli & I are trying to decide what initials to use for Erika's mongram. Do we use her initials as they are now, or do we wait for her to get married and use her married name? We never do decide, and I never do buy the fabric because Garrett is with me, only he's a baby, and he's crawling away from me in the store and I need to go get him.

As an aside, I know why I dreamt about baby Garrett, because his 4th birthday is tomorrow, and he's definitely not a baby anymore.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I Can Increase!

It seems like the glorious, warm spring we've all been craving is finally here! I'm not sure how long she'll stick around, but we've been taking full advantage of the incredibly perfect weather, I'll tell you that. In pretty big news around here, Natalie has her first loose tooth! :*) I was in the kitchen this morning, drinking coffee and reading the paper when she came in, quite despondant, that her tooth was "broken." Given that we just shelled out $2500 in February for an extensive amount of dental work on her, I immediately checked out her mouth and found a wiggly, not broken (phew) tooth. So now the countdown to the Tooth Fairy's first visit begins. My extremely talented TX friend Juli is working on a special pillow case for Natalie to use on Tooth Fairy visit nights.

I started a new knitting project today, it's a tunic for Natalie, in a pretty rose pink yarn. I was a little scared of it at first, but after checking out, I'm really chugging along on it, and it's pretty darn easy! The yarn is worsted weight, so it knits up quickly, and it's machine washable. I love cashmere and mohair, but they aren't so practical for a little kid, lol. My next project, which will run simultaneously with this tunic, is for some knitted dinosaurs for Garrett, he picked out a royal blue yarn for them and the pattern is on its way!