Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out With the Old, In With the New . . .

Since we've just got a few hours left until 2009 here on the East Coast, I thought I'd use my quiet New Year's Eve to blog my resolutions. It seems to be an ever evolving list, stuff comes to me all the time, but I've always been prone to those lightning flash ideas.

1. Save money. I have started this already, by opening an online savings account through HSBC Direct, since you can open it with just $1, and you earn 3% interest. My goal is 10% of my weekly take home pay (which is pitiful, but better than nothing, right?). And 10% of my income tax refund is going into it too. I'm tired of having that "Oh shit." feeling when a big expense, like car repairs, comes along, and it always does.

2. To be better organized about my pictures. I have pictures all over the place - photobucket, snapfish, shutterfly and God only knows where else. I have to commit to one image hosting/storage place and call it a day. Also, a few years ago I made my grandparents a cute DVD of my cute kids and I've been so disorganized the past two years that I haven't done one. I have already started on 2009's and it's only 9:45 pm!

3. Eat better, I have terrible eating habits. I'm going to watch my portions, avoid processed crap, and just generally try to take care of myself.

4. Be a more patient mom. This is hard when there are two kids tugging at either arm and going "Mom!" "Mom!" "Mom!" every 10 seconds, but that's when I need to remember that they are just kids, and they're only going to be just kids once and that I need to slow down, calm down and really listen to what they're saying. Before I know it they won't be just kids, and I hope that they will still want to talk to me as much as they do now.

So 4 is a good start I think, considering how I've already got a jump start on the first two. Happy New Year!!

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